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Bolton Senior Night, Barrett's Chapel Night, and a Game With St. George
In spite of all the rain, Bolton Varsity was able to play against St. George.  Bolton started off the night with the Senior Program honoring the seniors and their families.  Larkey Dotson and Luke Stevens were awarded the Hayes Kent Scholar
4/27/16 updates – Bolton gets 20th win, Retire #1, and more
After the win at TRA, on Monday 4/18 Bolton Varsity won 2 in a double-header against Ridgeway at home 11-1 and 14-0. Pitchers Conner Haynes and Chris Hassel each picked up a win. On Wednesday 4/20,Bolton Varsity played in the rain at the USA St
4/18/2016 Bolton Updates - Drop 2 to Arlington, Win Against Millington and TRA
Last week of 4/12 started off with 2 games against Arlington. Arlington was looking like they had a victory in the pocket at 5-0 when Bolton began scoring.  Arlington used 4 pitchers an Bolton used 5 to combat each teams hitting.  In the en
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